Meditation as skincare 

Meditation is one of the core pillars of Wild Source. 

We encourage you to use meditation as a skincare step. Our bespoke, guided series has been created along with founder Kate and  meditation expert Liddy Curbishley to sit along side your skincare rituals. 

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Full Body
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5 minutes
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Cleanse &
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Sink into
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Self love
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Miracle Mornings

Designed for use after applying Miracle Oil or Harmony Oil.

Where we place our attention, our energy flows.
Set your intention for the day and access your limitless self.
Begin to move towards your dreams and manifest your true desires.

Full Body Ritual

Designed for use after applying Golden Hour

Ease the body into a position where you can find total restoration and release.
Allow the uplifting scents of Jasmine and Mandarin to flood your senses with joy as you check in with each part of your body.

Daily Gratitude

When we find appreciation for acts of kindness, moments of beauty and joyful experiences in our lives we invite in abundant happiness. Gratitude is a practice that we are able to cultivate by noticing the small things which increase our sense of joy. Enjoy this meditation at any time of the day.

5 minutes peace

For when all you have is 5 minutes.

Reset, relax and simply focus on your breath. This short meditation takes you to your favourite beach for a refreshing 5 minutes of peace.

Cleanse & Renew

Designed for use after cleansing with Cleansing Oil.

Turn your gaze inward and let go of that which no longer serves you.
Allow the uplifting energy of sweet orange & citrus to enliven and help you find clarity.

Sink into sleep

Designed for use after applying Night Nectar.

Prepare to fully surrender.
Lie down in a quiet place and prepare to fully surrender.
Allow the scents of lavender and frankincense to calm your senses and help you drift off into a deeply restful slumber.

Self love story

Designed for use with Radiance Mask

After applying your Radiance Mask, come to a comfortable seat and prepare for this exploration of pure self love.
Trust the mask to work its magic on your skin, whilst you invite your own powerful inner-transformation.

Nourish your skin & soul…

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