How and Why You Should be Incorporating Facial Massage into your Skincare Routine

Are you new to facial massage? Offering a whole host of skin-boosting benefits, it’s an excellent addition to your daily skincare rituals.

We have teamed up with Holistic Facial Therapist Frederika from Saintly Skin to bring you 3 videos that you can follow along with at home – watch now on our IGTV channel


Video 1. Stimulating AM Massage
A stimulating & lifting morning massage to awaken the skin and stimulate the senses. Perform after cleansing. Recommended oils: Miracle Oil or Harmony Oil.

Video 2. Detoxifying PM Massage
A gentle evening routine using lymphatic drainage techniques to help increase blood flow and clear toxins. Perform after cleansing. Recommended oil: Night Nectar.

Video 3. Facial Cleansing Ritual
A nourishing & invigorating deeply cleansing facial massage. Recommended oil: Cleansing Oil.


There are numerous physical and emotional benefits associated with facial massage, including…

Toning the Skin & Relieving Tension
Clenched jaws, furrowed brows and squinting, amongst other things, can cause a huge amount of tension to be held in the face. Facial massage can assist in unravelling this tension and relaxing the muscles in your face, improving firmness of the skin and helping prevent wrinkles.

Aiding Lymphatic Drainage
Toxins that build up in the skin as a result of your environment or the products you’re applying can contribute to breakouts, puffiness, and signs of ageing. Face massage helps increase blood flow to the face and stimulate lymphatic drainage to help clear out toxins and freshen up your skin.

Boosting Circulation & Collagen Production
The movement created by massage causes more blood to flow to the skin. More blood equals more oxygen and increased nutrients, which assist in decreasing puffiness and increasing collagen production, leading to brighter, glowing skin.

Increasing Effectiveness of Your Skincare
Spending time massaging your favourite skincare products into your skin will help increase absorption of the active ingredients, improving their effectiveness.

Allowing Space for Mindful Rituals
Instead of routinely applying skincare products with little thought or care, we advocate the creation of daily skincare rituals. We invite you to transform your skincare routines into self-care opportunities – to tune out the world around you, and tune into the moment in time. Become aware of the feel of your skin beneath your fingers, enjoy the sensations of the massage and notice the scent of your products. A facial massage allows you the opportunity to steal a few minutes of your day to quiet your mind and prioritise your wellbeing.Visit our IGTV channel to watch the Facial Massage series. And if you give them a try, send us a DM to let us know how you get on!

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