Autumn/Winter Rituals

Autumn/Winter Rituals

Whilst Autumn is a time of beautiful transition in nature, the cooler temperatures and increased time spent indoors with the heating on can cause some less desirable changes to the way our skin looks and feels.

With continued uncertainty in the world around us and the likelihood that we’ll be spending a lot of time at home in the months ahead, now is an ideal time to create nourishing rituals that can bring harmony to your skin and soul throughout the colder seasons.

Here are 3 of our favourite ways to boost your skincare & wellbeing through Autumn and into Winter:

1. Add Rich, Reparative Ingredients:

Feed your skin with deeply nourishing ingredients to rejuvenate and support hydration. Night Nectar is infused with botanical antioxidants and natural fatty acids which work in harmony to strengthen and replenish your skin whilst you sleep.

Your Ritual: Sitting comfortably, take 2 – 3 drops of Night Nectar into your fingers and lightly press into your face using upwards circular motions. Massage from the centre of your face outwards to encourage lymphatic drainage and focus your mind on the sensations and textures of your skin. Massage with intention and breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth to calm your nervous system and quieten your mind.

2. Remember to Exfoliate:

Colder weather and lower humidity mean skin tends to be drier during the Autumn and Winter months. Whilst exfoliation is important during all seasons, it’s worth increasing frequency at this time of year to remove dead skin cells and ensure your skin is able to absorb as much of your delicious skincare as possible.

Aim to dry body brush from toe to top at least twice (but ideally more!) per week, before a bath or shower. After brushing, use Detox Salt Scrub to not only buff away dead skin cells, but to also provide a serious dose of nourishment.

Your Ritual: Tune in to each stroke of the body brush on your skin as you brush your whole body, always toward your heart, in long, sweeping motions. Enjoy the sensation of letting go as the dead skin cells are sloughed away. Then take a handful of scrub and massage the exfoliating blend of salts and oils into your skin, paying extra attention to any dry areas. Inhale the sweetly invigorating scents of citrus to invigorate your senses and boost your mood. The Sweet Almond and Argan Oil in the scrub work to lock in the moisture from your shower or bath to boost hydration and relieve dry, chapped skin.

3. Take a Bath:

There’s nothing a bath won’t fix as far as we’re concerned. And on a cold dark evening, a restorative candlelit soak with essential oils and epsom salts really does feed the skin & soul

Detox Bath Soak is formulated with a blend of organic botanicals and salts, designed to unravel your muscles and soothe your body. The trio of Epsom, Dead Sea and Himalayan Pink Salts purify, exfoliate and hydrate your skin whilst soothing your aching body. Rosemary and juniper berry work in synergy to detoxify, relax, combat fatigue, boost circulation and instil a sense of calm. Joined by the antioxidant kingpins, lemon and eucalyptus, our Detox Bath Soak will flood your run-down body with feel-good sensations to perk you up mentally and physically.

Your Ritual: After dry body brushing, light some candles and sink into your warm bath, allowing the blend to wrap around your skin. Being mindful of the sensations on your skin whilst slowly breathing in and out. Notice the stress leaving your body as you invite feelings of calm and gratitude. Soak for 20 minutes while the naturally powerful ingredients work their magic.

With the longer, darker evenings approaching, we invite you to claim more time to look after your mind, body and skin, and wish you a calm and nourishing Autumn season.

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