Rose Quartz Facial Roller

– Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
– Soothes & calms and de-puffs the skin
– Improves circulation
– Keep in the fridge 20 minutes before use for the ultimate cooling massage
– Choose Rose Quartz for healing, self love, acceptance and inner peace.
– Use with slip element to prevent dragging the skin


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This traditional Chinese derma roller is a facial tool which supports drainage, by way of encouraging the lymphatic system’s natural detoxification process, and brightening – by boosting the circulation and blood flow beneath the skin granting a visible glow.


Whether practiced first thing as a morning ritual or as an evening wind-down to remove the day’s stress from your face, this mindful beauty practice is meditative and relaxing. Start by cleansing your face and you may wish to use a little oil to aid movement. Massage around the facial contours, roll back and forth, up and down, and out to the side, making sure to apply gentle pressure as you move up to help lift the muscles. Imagine the bridge of your nose is the central point and roll away from that in all directions. Afterwards, you may wish to apply a night oil and await this plumping sensation to work its magic.

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