Our first step is supportive, nourishing ingredients.

Our second? Meditation.

Did you know that stress and anxiety trigger some of the most stubborn skin concerns such as redness, sensitivity and premature ageing?

At Wild Source, we are on a mission to revolutionise the way people consume beauty with our high-performance skincare and meditation. 

We know that life can be hectic but we believe in the power of rituals not routines. However long (or short) your skincare takes to apply, that is your precious moment to take back control, be present and find your calm.

With meditation proven to calm our central nervous system, it’s the free beauty tool you never knew you needed. Our guided meditations support your skin and bolster our 360 approach. Encouraged to be used alongside our skincare products and stacked onto your daily rituals.



We champion our 360 approach by creating highly nutritive formulations as well as a series of ever growing guided meditations. Our stripped-back range consists of daily essentials designed to nourish, soothe and replenish your skin.

 Wild Source products are ethically made from 100% plant oils and are vegan & cruelty free. Responsibly sourced, our packaging is FSC approved, made from recycled materials and we are continually researching the latest methods to continue our sustainability commitment.


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