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What started as a solitary mission to transform our founder’s skin has evolved into a range of organic, plant-based skincare that amplifies the healing power of nature.

Our founder, Kate, struggled with severe eczema for years, using prescribed steroid cream which was bleaching her skin and flooding her body with toxic chemicals. She started to look into natural options and, having often cycled past rosehip bushes on her way to work, one day she decided to pick a bunch and create a botanical blend at home. Unbeknownst to her, this was the first seed that was to blossom into the bestselling Miracle Oil and inspire a line of plant-based skincare products. Seeing the transformation in her skin, so began the weekends spent foraging for plants in fields and hedges to develop plant-infused oils and balms.

Kate felt a calling to use her knowledge and passion to develop a range of all-natural, effective apothecary made with the finest raw ingredients.

Each creation – whether it be oil, balm or scrub – is rooted in the wild and works in synergy with the seasons. From thistle to baobab and elderberries, each organic ingredient is handpicked in season and consciously activated in a natural botanical blend.

Wild Source has grown into a small team of ethically focused, curious minds that strive to create small-batch, natural skincare products that are suitable for all skin types. From protecting against pollution to supporting with acne, and revitalising tired skin, we are keen to solve society’s most common skincare problems through our high-performing botanicals.

brand ethos

Our mantra is ‘Rituals Not Routines’.

To us, this means inviting awareness and mindful intention into everyday tasks. Creating opportunities to slow down and draw focus inwards.

 We believe that our skincare routines present the perfect opportunity to create sacred self-care rituals. 

So whether you’re cleansing, scrubbing, moisturising or bathing, we encourage you to breathe deeply to enhance the benefits of the naturally powerful essential oils. To notice how you are feeling, become aware of each stroke and sensation on your skin and increase the clarity of your present moment. 

We believe that developing a mindful approach to skincare can help boost the effectiveness of your skincare products, whilst calming your mind and increasing your overall wellbeing.

Nourish your skin & soul…

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