Five Minutes With… Alexandra Dudley

We spoke to self-titled ‘Serial Dinner Party Host’ Alexandra Dudley to gain an insight into her skincare routine and daily rituals, as well as and finding out the top books & brands on her radar.

Today we bring you the first in our new ‘Five Minutes With’ series, where we will be creating space for like-minded makers, brands and teachers to share a little piece of their world with you.

For our first conversation, we spoke to self-titled ‘Serial Dinner Party Host’ (and owner of one of the most enticing Instagram feeds out there) Alexandra Dudley to gain an insight into her skincare routine and daily rituals, as well as and finding out the top books & brands on her radar.


Tell us about your skincare routine

I use a mix of organic products and paraben free more chemically enhanced products on my skin. I love simple cleansers and moisturisers and combine them with masks and serums from 111skin. I have some bad sun damage on my skin from years of neglect and it is helping to keep my skin young. In the morning I will use vitamin c serum from The organic pharmacy and top it with superseed hydration oil from madara. I now always use 30spf too and use madara which has a little tint too. If I’m wearing make-up I will wear Kjaer Weiss for my shadows, RMS light powder to reduce shine and Ilia lipstick. 

In the evening I cleanse with Pai cleanser and use The organic pharmacy retinol, 111skin serum, mascara oil and in the winter I add a night cream. I love Sukrin night cream. It is organic and not expensive. I love Content Beauty for all of my beauty products. They specialise in organic skin and beauty. 

What are three of your non-negotiable daily rituals?

Move my body. This is the first thing I do. I do a mix of yoga, pilates, running and spinning. 

Green tea. I love a good green tea. Usually I have a cup in the morning. I drink coffee too and often have an espresso first thing. Sometimes coffee doesn’t sit well with me so I will reduce it but at the moment I love it. I always drink good coffee and love my local deli De Beauvoir deli.

Cooking for myself. I eat out a lot but I always make sure I make at least one meal a day for myself. I tend to eat at home most lunches and as many evenings as I can. I find it incredibly grounding. I’m a big believer in the act of cooking for oneself being one of the most basic acts of self care. 

Do you practice mindfulness in daily life?

I used to be very good at meditating and have somewhat fallen out of it but I am a big fan of breathing exercises and I also use cooking as a way of winding down and being mindful. 

Can you recommend a book or podcast that you’re currently enjoying?

I loved ‘The lost Vintage’ by Ann Mah. It is set in WW2 occupied France at a wine chateaux and has wonderful plot twists. Cheekily I have to say my podcast Come For Supper. I sit down with artists, actors, authors, chefs on their life journey and how they like to entertain. It is great fun.

Who are three ethical businesses, makers or creatives we should follow?

I love what Hurr are doing. Victoria is one of the most forward thinking people I know. Hurr is the UK’s first peer to peer clothing rental platform. We are in a climate crisis and a huge amount of that is down to fast fashion and the sheer waste and landfill it produces. Hurr offers the option to buy less whilst still looking fantastic. The garments are high quality designer and available for you to rent for three days to a week. It super for weddings and party’s where you could potentially buy something and end up never wearing it again. It’s also creating a fantastic community and forcing people to take notice and become part of the conversation. We need to stop over-consuming and be mindful of what we buy and where it comes from.

I also love Justine Tabak. She is one of my favourite designers and makes beautiful dresses from fabric off cuts that would otherwise go to waste. Her designs go from day to evening and are made with incredible durability and care. Also the sleeves are great and I adore a good sleeve.

Earl of East London are a London based scent, candle and homeware company. I love all of their candles and they also offer candle making workshops which I have yet to attend but plan on doing so. They also stock independent craft makers in their stores which I love. 

Follow Alexandra on Instagram or visit her website for some serious recipe inspiration!


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