Until your Next Massage...

by Mairead Peachey

What have you been doing to look after yourself during lockdown?

In these uncertain times, we’re all missing aspects of our usual, everyday life. For some of us, anxiety levels are high and more than ever we are understanding the importance of self care and taking time for your wellbeing.

But while we wait a little bit longer before we are able to book in our next massage, how can we recreate the benefits of massage at home?

I had a think about the things that my clients and I love about receiving massage, and the main things that spring to mind include; feeling relaxed and happy, sleeping better, easing tension, taking some time out from our fast paced lives and feeling pampered.

So here are some ways we can recreate these benefits in our own homes.

~ Baths - a nice warm bath will relax your muscles, help you sleep better and you can enhance the benefits by adding extras. Epsom salts, for example, will help aid muscle function. Adding your favourite essential oils will assist in helping you achieve your desired state - you could try clary sage, which helps to regulate hormones, or refreshing lemongrass, which will help energise you if you prefer a morning bath.

~ Moving your body - stretch, dance, walk, follow a yoga video, do whatever type of movement feels good to you, and feel the effects of those endorphins! With the change in routines, you might be moving less than usual, so it's important listen to what your body needs at this time. And as always, remember to stay hydrated!

~ Self Massage - if you live with a partner or friend, perhaps you can swap massage with each other. Or if not, give yourself a massage! Facial massage is a lovely place to start, as we hold a lot of tension in the face. It's really easy to incorporate into your daily routine: after cleansing, apply a facial oil and take some time to massage it in to your skin, focusing particularly around the jaw, eyebrows and temples. Take your time, breathe deeply to calm your mind, and enjoy it! You can also use a gua sha to deepen the massage.

~ Get Cosy - Consider what you love about walking into a spa or treatment room, and recreate it at home! Put on some comfortable clothes, play some music, light a candle, get some comfy blankets and cushions to wrap up in, have a glass of cool water or a hot tea to sip on, put down your phone, perhaps get a book to read... Aaaand relax!

Whether you have a couple of minutes or a whole luxurious hour, see if you can take some time to really treat yourself today.

About Mairead

I’m Mairead, a holistic massage therapist based in Bristol. For me, holistic massage means working with the body both physically and emotionally. I ensure that I consider the body and mind as a whole and work in a way that honours this and gives a sense of balance.

I love enabling people to enhance their connection with their bodies and take the time for themselves that they need and deserve.

When I’m not massaging I enjoy practicing yoga, drinking coffee and spending time in my small but lovely garden! I can get anxious and so enjoy mindful practices and rituals to stay calm and grounded.