Wild Source Apothecary began with Kate, the inventor and creator of all of our products. After studying the ancient practice of aromatherapy and blending, she put her skills to use to create a range of botanical skin care products, focusing on idyllic care drawn from real nature.
Combining the power of botanical, raw ingredients and the potency of organic essential oils these products are about skincare that’s as close to nature as possible, Without losing the luxury that we all crave when it comes to skincare.
These unique therapies and formulations are designed for enjoyment, radiance and vitality. Whilst all the materials used from the flowers, stems, roots, leaves, minerals, salts and oils are selected specially for beauty, health and purity.
All of our ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced and are used for a specific, therapeutic reason. No fillers or bulking agents are in any of the range, meaning that almost every ingredient is “active” resulting in pure, highly concentrated, and effective botanical formulas.
Our recipes are all created and tested by Kate. Wild Source products are 100% tested on real people — never on animals and entirely vegan. Every product is made from ethical, raw, natural and beautiful ingredients to formulate recipes that truly nurture our skin restoring it back to optimum health and vitality.
This is about skincare rituals not routines

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Small batch botanical beauty, deeply rooted in nature.


For all inquiries please contact kate@wildsource.co.uk